S.E.A. Helps Install Aquarium at CRMS!

April 8, 2024

Ainsley Ford, an 8th grader and salt water aquarium expert at Camden Rockport Middle School, wrote a winning grant application to the School District in October to get a tank at the middle school. In February the tank was set to go and now graces the cafeteria offering diners a window into our harbor habitat.

Ainsley took the initiative with the help of S.E.A. board member, Brian Lightbody after they became acquainted this fall while tending to the large aquarium in SEA PARK at the Camden Public Landing. Ainsley was part of a pilot program to bring 8th graders down to the harbor one morning a week.  Little did the teachers and board members know that Ainsley was herself a solid expert on fish and saltwater tanks!  A collaboration was born and Brian and Ainsley have conjured the middle school tank into existence with support from S.E.A. board member and teacher, Elphie Owen.

The tank is located in our lively cafeteria and attracts friendly inspection from CRMS students and teachers alike during breakfasts, lunches and activities throughout the day.  As time goes by, signage and announcements concerning creatures in the tank and other information will strengthen the understanding that students have of the harbor and our marine neighbors that live there.

by Elphie Owen, Board Member