Participants Comments

“I recently completed my second workshop with these folks and came away quite impressed (for the second time). I have had the privilege of attending many team building and coaching workshops in my career working as a civilian Army employee and I must say that this group is good at what they do! I attended the Center for Creative Leadership and they are known for their excellent work in leadership training. This small group of facilitators from Maine does an equally excellent job. Many of our employees have attended their training and I believe these facilitators have made a positive impact here with the attendees of these workshops. I would hate for them not to be recognized in some way for the good work they are doing.”

“Human Element® training provided the means by which I was able to look at myself objectively. Through critical self-analysis, and evaluations by others on my team, I learned that my perception of me is often not the perception of those with whom I work and live. By better understanding myself, I can better understand others. By being more aware of my feelings and behavior, I have become a more effective leader, a more valuable member of my team, and a better person.”

“For me the Human Element® training presented by Brian and Rolanda opened doors to communication rifts and gaps that were fragmenting our police department. I found Brian and Rolanda to be the brightest, most researched-orientated consultants I have encountered in my nineteen years of law enforcement experience. They have a passion for the Human Element training that is unsurpassed.”

“I was extremely negative about this course at its onset. However, when it was over, I ranked it as one of the most powerful personal experiences I have ever encountered. I now find myself seeking a deeper personal peace and spiritual harmony between myself and those whom I encounter in life’s journey… and after all, the journey is what it is all about!”

“Working with the two of you has helped me enormously in both my professional and private life. It has helped me understand myself, the employees that I work with and the members of my family, especially my 18 year old son. For this I am eternally grateful. One of my goals is to impart the knowledge that I gained from both you onto the people that I have the closest contact with, so they may too grow like I have.”

“Two people I work with have issues between them. I met with one a while back, and today I had my meeting with the other. The point is that I now look at people and their issues a lot differently than I used to. When I meet with people now, I really do seek to understand.”

“If you want to be part of a high performance, quality driven, learning organization the Human Element® experience is a must. Your team will never be the same after the workshop. No turning back. Trust the process it works.”

“I truly believe that the workshop was beneficial to me not only for my professional career, but for my personal life also. This training forced me to look deep inside and understand some of the things I do that are both positive and negative. At the very least it allowed me the opportunity to change for the better, which I plan to do.”

“I believe we should offer this type of training to those aspiring to be supervisors/leaders/managers so they have the chance to not make the same mistakes we did.”

“I had a great weekend and did a lot of thinking. I spent a lot of time with my kids and it was fabulous. Thanks again for the incredible class, I got more out of it this time than before. I just hope I can retain it, or better yet, I will retain it. Thanks again.”

“I have really done some thinking since we last saw each other. I have really focused on things and have been patient with my little man, my daughter, and loving wife as well. Things are very good right now, trying to show more empathy at work as well. Things are coming along and I have you and Brian to thank so much.”

“You have know idea what you two bring to people’s lives. If you ever need anything, please don’t hesitate to ask. I just wish you could meet my family, I like the special people in my life to meet the special people I have met in my life.”

“On a personal level, I’m doing well. It’s amazing how just being cognizant of what’s been going on with me helps. I still feel more relaxed than I have in a long while. That being said, I know I have more work to do. At least now, I have a direction and better (albeit not complete) understanding of what I’ve been defending. Thanks to you both for letting me struggle through that, Not fun but needed.”

“The Human Element was yet another step that has facilitated me in my pursuit of trying to ‘figure myself out’, and now, to move on to acceptance of what I have learned about myself, which in turn has allowed me to relate to others better. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to take it, as well as the other classes. And, I would like to commend you both for the work you do. You both are so different from each other, but compliment each other very well. The combination of the content and the way you present it makes for a very dynamic learning experience.”