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Poetry on Windows

When COVID-9 interrupted plans for spring and summer events, Board Member and teacher Elphie Owen suggested S.E.A. sponsor Poetry on Windows.  Students and local poets submitted poems with an environmental theme, which scribes wrote on shop windows downtown Camden.  A Scavenger Hunt lures participants to the stores and the event was such a success that...

Discovery Bags and Books

Camden Public Library offers many popular themed Discovery Bags for families to borrow.  S.E.A donated funding for three bags that give teachers, parents, and grandparents, and other community members a way to examine the water in our watershed.  With guidance from Esperanza Stancioff, Climate Change Educator at University of Maine Cooperative Extension, Manager of Youth...

Studying Kelp

Teacher Jenny Gold from Camden-Rockport Elementary School takes a course about raising kelp at Herring Gut Learning Center, and then shares what she learned with her students.  

Zoe Foster – Children’s Place

Zoe Foster (left), who teaches at Children’s Place Montessori School, took a course in aquaponics at Herring Gut Learning Center. The following semester, students helped set up an aquarium, studied the water for their fish, and then set up pipes to use water from the tank to grow vegetables, making sure the PH was correct...