May 26, 2023

Saturday, May 20, 2023,  a collection of young poets regaled an appreciative crowd with reading of poems written on windows in downtown Camden.   Casey Belcher, Hannah Kohlstrom, Reverie Dyer, Adassa Palmer, Maeve Schick-MacPherson, Cole Casas, Aria Madeira, Hallie Anderson, Audrey Page, Sebastien Toussaint, Piers Egan, Esme Black, Sydney Gaeth, and Kenzie Smith all had poems up on windows and also were invited to read. They did a fantastic job, enthusiastically reciting with microphone in hand.  The crowd that followed us through town were so impressed and expressed their love of the poetry and the poets often and on sticky notes!
This event was in collaboration with The Camden Poetry Festival and kicked off the Poetry on Windows installation.