December 18, 2022

Materials to build and plant a community garden


Director Lindsay Pinchbeck: “This spring, students built a community garden and connected with Hope’s Edge Farm. Middle school children worked closely with local gardeners, created a business plan and launched a small farm stand to sell greens in the center of Hope. Elementary students drove a community program to plant sunflowers in honor of the tragedies in Ukraine and created interactive gardens using skills gathered in our woodworking shop to create beautiful interactive environments.  Children were involved with prepping the land, planting, harvesting, and selling flowers and greens in the early spring and fall. They also created their own farm stand in the school’s wood shop.


She adds: “Through slow and mindful actions we can take care of the environment and world around us. We can lessen the impact on a variety of practices impacting our environment and encourage self-sustaining practices and inspired stewardship to take care of our land and environment.